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Nuveen Leverages Otso for Office Leasing

Otso Team
March 12, 2024
5 minute read

Otso Case Study: Nuveen


Nuveen, a prominent global investment manager, specializes in delivering comprehensive financial services and innovative investment solutions. With a robust portfolio in commercial real estate, Nuveen faced challenges in accelerating their leasing processes while ensuring the highest security and risk management standards.


Nuveen’s leasing team, led by Skylar Huth and David Dyer, was experiencing extended timelines in the financial vetting process of potential tenants. The existing system was not only time-consuming but also posed risks due to the non-secure handling of sensitive data. The team needed a solution that could streamline their processes without compromising on the thoroughness and security of tenant evaluations.


Enter Otso’s Underwriting-as-a-Service (UaaS). This groundbreaking platform offered Nuveen a seamless, secure, and efficient method to conduct financial reviews. With UaaS, Otso provided:

  • Speed: Significant reduction in review times, enabling quicker decision-making.
  • Security: Highly secure methods of data collection and handling.
  • Insights: Comprehensive CRE-specific ratings and predictive analytics for better risk assessment.


Working closely with Skylar Huth and David Dyer, Otso tailored its UaaS platform to integrate seamlessly into Nuveen's existing workflow. The implementation process involved:

  • Initial consultations to understand specific challenges and requirements.
  • Customization of the UaaS platform to align with Nuveen’s operational standards.
  • Training sessions for Nuveen's team to maximize the platform’s capabilities.


The collaboration between Otso and Nuveen yielded significant improvements:

  • Efficiency Boost: Review times were cut down by over 25 days per prospect, leading to faster lease signings.
  • Enhanced Security: Secure data handling methods reduced the risk associated with sensitive financial information.
  • Better Decision Making: Access to in-depth, CRE-specific insights allowed for more informed and confident leasing decisions.


Skylar Huth: “Otso’s UaaS platform was a game-changer for us. It not only accelerated our processes but also gave us peace of mind regarding the security and completeness of the financial reviews.”

David Dyer: “The insights provided by Otso have been invaluable. We can now make faster and more informed decisions, which is crucial in the dynamic real estate market.”


Otso’s partnership with Nuveen underlines the effectiveness of innovative technology in transforming commercial real estate operations. By addressing key challenges with tailored solutions, Otso has proven its capability to revolutionize leasing processes, benefiting both landlords and tenants.

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