Automate Your Tenant Financial Screening with Otso

We streamline tenant screening for commercial real estate leases, enabling faster deal velocity and ensuring data security.

Your Dedicated Tenant Credit Team

Introducing Underwriting as a Service (UaaS)

Otso combines the speed and power of a Fin-Tech solution with the precision of human expertise, delivering an unparalleled tenant screening platform for commercial leasing teams.

Automated Efficiency

Imagine submitting an order, collecting financial info from a tenant, and receiving a completed report in less than 24 hours.

Expert Precision

Every report undergoes quality assurance through human review for precision and reliability.

Don't believe us? Look at the numbers.

Significant Cost and Time Savings with Otso

Discover how Otso's platform can revolutionize your tenant financial due diligence process. With comprehensive financial reports you can close leases 21 days faster on average.

Our customers are getting 2000+ hours per year back, on average.

Tenants using Otso get to lease signing 2-4 weeks faster

Modern collection methods ensure security compliance while delighting prospects.


Take Control of Your Leasing Decisions

At Otso, we believe in giving you the power to make informed leasing decisions. Our CRE-centric approach ensures that you retain full control over your portfolio, while we provide your prospects with best-in-class user experiences.

Supercharged Leasing

Otso enables up to 9X faster due diligence on every many more leases can you sign?

Seamless and Delightful

No new systems to spend weeks training on, Otso is a bolt-on solution learned in minutes.

Rely on Best-in-Class Security and Compliance

At Otso, we have completed our SOC2 Compliance Audit demonstrating our commitment to the highest levels of security for our clients and prospects. Through strategic partnerships with industry leaders like AWS, Plaid, and Experian, we work to provide unparalleled protection and user experience to prospective companies and individuals alike.

Identity Verified

Know your prospects entire history for a complete profile.

Happier Prospects

Otso ensures financial collection is painless for both your prospects and your team.

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"Otso's platform is a game changer in tenant financial due diligence, we're increasing deal velocity by weeks not days."

Skylar Huth

Nuveen Real Estate

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Otso has been nothing short of a revolution for our
leasing team and asset managers. We can't go back to the way we used to do things...

Mary Versaggi

ShopCore Properties

Unlock Your Portfolio's Potential

Integrate Otso's AI-powered Underwriting as-a-Service platform and benefit from our seasoned team's expertise.

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