Identify Your Challenge

Which Tenant Screening Hurdle Slows You Down?

In the fast-paced world of commercial real estate, tenant screening can be a complex and time-consuming process. Most organizations find themselves grappling with one of three core challenges. Identifying your primary pain point is the first step towards a streamlined and secure tenant screening process. Which of these resonates most with your current situation?

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Slow and cumbersome screening processes delay lease agreements.

Otso's platform can revolutionize your tenant financial due diligence process. Our streamlined screening service accelerates your workflow, ensuring quick and efficient tenant evaluations. helping you close leases 21 days faster on average.

Gain Valuable Work Hours

Our customers are getting 2000+ hours per year back, on average.

Dependability Assured

We can collect directly from tenants weeks faster than your team and our average turnaround time is eight (8) hours.

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Take control of your leasing decisions with better data.

At Otso, we believe in giving you the power to make informed leasing decisions. Our CRE-centric approach ensures that you retain full control over your portfolio, while we provide your prospects with best-in-class user experiences. Leverage our integrations with leading CRM's like Salesforce to streamline leasing processes and deepen financial analytics portfolio-wide.

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Traditional email-based screening processes are vulnerable to security breaches.

Our secure, encrypted platform safeguards all data, giving you peace of mind and protecting your tenants' information from cyber threats.

We have strategic partnerships with industry leaders like AWS, Plaid, and Experian

Personal identity verification: Know your prospects entire history for a complete profile.

Happier Prospects: Otso ensures financial collection is painless for both your prospects and your team.

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Otso's AI-powered Underwriting as a Service (UaaS) platform has been a game changer for our leasing process. It has significantly reduced our due diligence period and provided us with comprehensive financial reports in under 24 hours.

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Find answers to commonly asked questions about our Underwriting as a Service (UaaS) platform.

How does UaaS work?

Our UaaS platform utilizes AI technology to analyze tenant financial data and generate comprehensive reports. These reports provide landlords with valuable insights into the financial health of potential tenants, helping them make informed leasing decisions.

Is my data secure?

Absolutely. We prioritize the security of your data and have partnered with industry leaders like AWS, Plaid, and Experian to ensure the highest level of data protection. Our platform is fully compliant with global data protection regulations.

Can I integrate UaaS into my existing systems?

Yes, our UaaS platform is designed for seamless integration with your existing systems. There is no need for extensive training or overhauling your processes. We enhance your team's capabilities without disrupting your workflow.

What types of properties does UaaS support?

Our UaaS platform is adaptable to various property types, including office, retail, and industrial properties. Whether you are a landlord of a single property or a portfolio manager, our platform can provide valuable financial assessments.

What sets UaaS apart from traditional due diligence processes?

Unlike traditional due diligence processes that can take weeks, our UaaS platform delivers comprehensive financial reports in under 24 hours. This unparalleled speed and efficiency allow landlords to close leases 21 days faster on average.