How It Works: 3 Easy Steps

Here is how landlords can save time and make smarter leasing decisions with Otso's UaaS platform in three steps. From comprehensive financial reports in under 24 hours to unmatched security and compliance, Otso is the game changer you need.

Step 1: Order a report

Login to your Otso dashboard and order a report in minutes.

Step 2: Request or Upload Financial Data

Easily request financials directly from prospects or upload your tenants' financial data to the secure Otso platform.

Step 3: Receive Your Report

Within 24 hours, receive your detailed financial reports for thorough analysis and review.

Customized Screening for Your Each Deal Type: Entity and Personal Guarantor

Understanding that each lease deal comes with its unique set of requirements, we offer two tailored screening options to cater to diverse needs. Whether you're dealing with individual personal guarantors or entire entities, our specialized services are designed to provide thorough and accurate screenings. Choose the option that best fits your leasing scenario:


In-depth evaluation of entities, including financial health, business history, and credit standings.

Personal Guarantor

Financial, credit and background checks tailored for individual guarantors to assess their creditworthiness and reliability.

Simple and Convenient


Find answers to common questions and concerns about using our platform.

How does Otso work?

Otso is an AI-powered Underwriting as a Service (UaaS) platform designed to enhance efficiency and profitability in commercial real estate. It delivers comprehensive financial reports in under 24 hours, allowing you to close leases 21 days faster on average. Our platform combines the power of AI with human expertise, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Is my data secure?

At Otso, we prioritize the security and compliance of your tenants' financial data. We have partnered with AWS and utilize 256-bit encryption. Additionally, we collaborate with industry leaders like Plaid and Experian to ensure the highest level of data protection. Our platform is fully compliant with global data protection regulations.

How does Otso integrate?

Otso is designed as a bolt-on solution, seamlessly integrating into your existing systems. Minimal training is required, as our platform is built to enhance your team's capabilities without the need for extensive onboarding. We provide a seamless and efficient integration process.

What cost savings can I expect?

By reducing the due diligence period and streamlining processes, Otso has saved clients like Blackstone and ShopCore thousands of hours annually. Our platform directly impacts your bottom line by increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Can I customize reports?

Yes, Otso's platform is adaptable to both individual and corporate financial assessments. Whether you're assessing office, retail, or industrial properties, our reports can be customized to meet your specific needs.

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