Executive Leaders in Commercial Real Estate, Technology, and Finance

Meet Our Founding Team

Josh Feinberg

Josh is an experienced commercial real estate professional with over a decade of brokerage, ownership and investment backgrounds. He has built and launched products to serve the stakeholders of the CRE industry since 2016 while continuing to invest, advise and grow portfolios in excess of $1B in value.

Marissa Limsiaco

Marissa is an accomplished entrepreneur with experience in technology, real estate, and military operations. Over the course of her career, she has successfully led multiple transformative change initiatives across several large-scale organizations. Marissa is a decorated combat veteran with a Systems Engineering Degree from West Point; MBA from Texas Christian University; and MPAff from University of Texas.

Frank Rogers

Frank is an accomplished executive, entrepreneur and consultant with over 25 years of experience in leading and helping companies successfully grow in their respective fields. With extensive background in finance and technology, Frank has served both as c-suite executive and consultant to some of the largest companies in the world. Guiding companies to making strong financial decisions while keeping the customer experience “amazing” is his passion.

Otso's AI-powered Underwriting as a Service (UaaS) platform has revolutionized tenant financial due diligence. It provides comprehensive financial reports in under 24 hours, allowing landlords to close leases 21 days faster on average.

Skylar Huth

Nuveen Real Estate

Otso's seamless integration and minimal training requirements make it a must-have for institutional landlords. It enhances our team's capabilities without the need for extensive training or overhaul of our processes and technology stack.

Thom Degear

Director-Information Technology

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About Otso: Revolutionizing CRE Underwriting

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