Transforming Retail Tenant Screening

Otso's AI-powered Underwriting as a Service (UaaS) platform revolutionizes tenant financial due diligence in commercial real estate. With unparalleled speed, unmatched security, and a synergy of AI and human expertise, Otso empowers landlords to make faster, smarter, and more secure leasing decisions.

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A Real Solution to a Real Problem

Lease Diligence in Retail is Hard

Shopcore came to us with a common challenge across the CRE industry. How can an organized institutional landlord collect financials securely and efficiently so their leasing teams can drive more velocity?

Collection is Difficult

Oftentimes collection from diverse sources (such as inexperienced operators or new personal guarantors) can be both time-consuming and slow.

The Right Information?

Vast differences in provided financials make for difficult and cumbersome assessments for asset management teams.

Securing Data

Traditional methods for gathering financials include email, leaving a massive risk exposure for Landlords.

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The Right Solution for Shopcore

Otso's AI-powered Underwriting as a Service (UaaS) platform offers unparalleled speed, efficiency, and security in tenant financial due diligence.

Speed and Consistency

In just 90 days we completed 50+ financial reports. On average we saved Shopcore's team 3 weeks per deal.

Security Upgrade

We lower risk for Landlords, period. By partnering with industry leaders like AWS, Plaid, and Experian, we ensure unmatched security, compliance, and data protection.


Hear what the Shopcore team has to say about us

I can't tell you how much time our team is saving. When we joined we had a backlog, Otso cleared it in less than a month.

Mary Versaggi

Lease Administrator

With Otso, we have the full picture of a tenant with the essential data to make our leasing decisions with peace of mind.

Paul Cabral

Asset Management

Time kills deals but Otso has allowed us to work more efficiently with asset management to close leases.

Jess Giunulis


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